Digital Wave VIVID 2019

VIVID 2019
Andre Kecskes’ creative work is again featuring at VIVID, this year in the very prominent and prestigious location of the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Arrivals Hall. ‘Digital Wave’ is an immersive 3-D light and sound experience where viewers are at the very centre of the structure. An analogy of early digital communication, 84 kinetic, LED light spheres perfectly synchronize with electronic music to create complex shapes and light patterns. Each sphere has been individually programmed for height, speed, colour and luminance so the overall effect is a stunning 3-D light dance.

Clay Paky Mythos

Since its arrival on the market the Clay Paky Mythos has made its presence felt across all sectors of the lighting industry. Creative Lighting & Audio has invested in this versatility adding a substantial number of units to a warehouse that already boasts a comprehensive range of moving head fixtures.

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Harbour Wave VIVID 2015

VIVID 2015
A light installation ‘breaking’ across a wharf at Walsh Bay, Harbour Wave by artist Andre Kecskes is more than what it seems at first glance. A large, curved installation mounted with rows of coloured lights, the piece is inspired by the destructive power of tsunamis but also speaks about the psychology of dreams. It is widely recognised by dream analysts that individuals who ponder tsunamis in their subconscious state may be repressing feelings that are rising to the surface.

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LED Trees

Light up your next event with LED Trees Unique and enticing and unquestionably exclusive, our LED cherry blossom and willow trees are captivating to all ages making them ideal for festivities, unique occasions and corporate events. Available in different sizes and colours, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and have great impact both day and night.

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